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“Wedding photographers and cinematographers that accompany you capturing both grand moments as well as intimate details from your wedding day; all while making you look and feel like a celebrity”.


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One Stop Solution for a Perfect Wedding


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Client Love

Arsheen, I finally sat down to look at the pictures last night and they are all soooooo amazinggg! Thank you so much for capturing our events!!! It made me really happy to see all the little moments! Needless to say, I'm obsessively looking at all the pictures!

"My husband and I couldn't wait for our big day to arrive; and when it finally did, it passed us in a blink of an eye. What was only a year ago, was difficult to remember only a few days after; it was like a dream. Areza Photography captured that dream;beautifying every moment as if it were a real life fairy tale."

Arsheeen and Ali were a joy to work with! Yes, the end results were breathtaking…But it wasn’t just the memories they captured that blew us away; it was the way in which they did it! Creative, helpful, patient, and, most of all, always smiling (and constantly reminding us to smile!) .

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