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Hey there! Nice to meet you.

I’m Arsheen and I am the creative visionary and director of my amazing team at AREZA Photography.

I’m honored that you have stopped by to check us out.

We are all about building a great relationship so you will be hearing from us ALOT from enquiry to infinity!


No, really we do!

In our past lives our team may have been wedding coordinators, planners, psychologists, seamstresses, boutonniere experts and the revered “how to tie a bow tie” support team.

We will step up from the time of booking to the ending hours of your open dance floor, taking charge where needed, directing where needed and helping you both to have the best day of your life all while capturing the perfect moments and the perfect kisses.

When you choose us you will be gaining friends on the wedding day.

The best part is that while we are hanging out we will be hard at work creating TIMELESS images, EPIC memories and lasting ART.


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“I’m beyond grateful for having AREZA as our wedding photographers. They are so warm, accommodating, and incredibly fun to work with. My fiancee and I had no idea how to pose for photos and felt very awkward going into it, but they took the time to get to know us and what makes us comfortable. That was the difference that made our photos so perfect!!
They are spectacular, would recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

– Parima Saxena


Why settle? Discover our unique charm!

With our exceptional service, we bring together luxury photography with stunning heirlooms and fine art to deliver an impeccable experience worth holding and cherishing for generations.

WE LOVE YOU & YOUR WEDDING – We are not cookie cutter photographers, when we say every wedding is different we mean it. You want photographers who give a s**t about YOUR plans, YOUR likes dislikes and YOUR family / friends. Whether you are tight with your parents, siblings or the friends that are more than family, We get to know YOU BOTH!  We ask about your secret obsessions be it the Raptors, ChatTime, Or your furry family!! The more you tell us the more personal your coverage gets…So SHARE away! Oh and no wedding is too small – we’ve done 10 people, 50 people, 250 people, 600 people. Easy peasy. 


WE DOCUMENT – Weddings are all about LOVE, JOY, LAUGHTER! We document!  We strive to catch every possible moment and also to do so in the best storytelling style. We’ll race to ensure we are there when your mom cried during the speeches, We’ll paparazzi the hell out of you and your loved ones and you so that we don’t miss a single tear, a single loving glance, a secret kiss. Trust us YOU NEED that photo when the tough guy who never cries just bawls his eyes out when he sees you for the first time!  


WE TAKE CARE – From the beginning we use our years of experience to help guide you and your partner through the journey that you are likely travelling on the very first time. It’s our 1000th time walking through a wedding day and it’s likely your first. You want photographers that can help show you all the pitfalls before you fall in them on the wedding day, guide you with organising your timeline to prioritise what you want from your photography coverage as well as ensure a stress free and very fun day! Trust us we’ll take care of you! 

 WE ARE ARTISTS – WE think you DESERVE an art piece. WE mean large dynamic and artistic portraits – featuring the two of you hanging in your home for generations. You want to look at your wedding day photos and FEEL the LOVE and FEEL the joy of the day, even years after the wedding. Our clients say they can feel themselves when they look back at their pictures


GET READY TO GET DOWN!! – BRING IT ON –  Bring the fun, Bring the Joy, Bring the LOVE!! – We thrive on it and channel it all into your images! Bring the craziness, we’ll eat it up all night! Get down and dirty and crazy on the Dance floor and we’ll get in the middle of your crazy friends!


You want photographers that actually LOVE Weddings – that’s us. Come meet us and get to know what we can do to make your wedding day dreams come true in art, albums and photographs to last generations!

Think you might want to work with us?

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