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“A picture is worth a thousand words. Looking through our wedding photos taken by AREZA Photography has really driven that point home for us. When I see them I don’t just see pictures…I see an encapsulated moment of time.” – R & A


We treat your wedding with the care and dedication we’d want in our own wedding. You deserve a team that will take the time to get to know YOUR UNIQUE LOVE. No one is like you and your photos shouldn’t look just like everyone else’s. 

You deserve a customised approach to ensure that all your photography dreams come true. We will do that while creating TIMELESS images and EPIC memories and lasting ART.


Ten or twenty years from now – How would you love to relive your wedding day? Would it be sitting in front of your computer or phone and scrolling through 100’s of images? 

Or would it be turning the pages of your love story captured in a handcrafted artisan album complete with carefully curated and laid out moments from your day? The tangible feel of seeing your memories in print in your hands is something everyone deserves. The best part is you can do all that AND have an exceptional piece of art immortalising your love.


Masters of Wedding Photography Award winner